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kdo si tu hraje ještě s umzixem ? Tady je další unix-like systém pro Z80:

Kdyby se to jmenovalo Fuzzix, tak jsem si jist, Ĺľe Alan Cox je MartinĹŻv 
pseudonym :-)


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Komu: Development chatter about sdcc <sdcc-devel na lists.sourceforge.net>
Datum: 7. 11. 2014 21:44:40
Předmět: [sdcc-devel] Fuzix

"Alan has released Fuzix, a Unix for 8-bit systems about a week ago. It
seems, our z80 port is the compiler for the reference platform, which
brought a bit of attention to sdcc.
Fuzix seems to use some C featurs that previously probably were not
considered exactly top priority by most of our users, such as long long.
I've worked on a few of the open issues this week; the situation with
the z80 port is probably ok for the 3.5.0 release.

However, people will probably want to pot Fuzix to other platforms, and
sdcc's other targets seem like an obvious choice.
AFAIK, we have some long long issues on hc08 and s08, also minor ones on
gbz80 and stm8. AFAIK, pic14, pic16, mcs51 and d390 don't have log long
at all.
Should we try to do more about long long for the 3.5.0 release, or is
the current situation good enough? I probably won't find a lot of time
to work on sdcc during the rest of the year, but might look a bit into
the long long issues on stm8 or gbz80.


P.S.: I enabled some long long regression tests today. They pass for me,
but I'm not sure about other plaforms. 'Will have to see how the nighly
regression testing results turn out."
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